How to Protect New Car Paint

Whether you have just bought a brand new car or looking for an easier way to give your daily vehicle improved protection from accidental damage, we’ve got the right products for you. Our car protection products are designed to offer maximum paint and interior surface protection without the expensive price tag!

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Protect your new car with our tested, surface coating solution.

Options for Protecting Your New Car Paint

Learn how to protect your new car paint by using a surface coating solution that’s tested, proven and globally certified. Your local Tint a Car have several paint protection options including:

  • Ceramic paint protection – the ultimate solution for those wondering how to protect the paint of a new car. Our EliteX paint protection is 4 times more durable than a regular quartz based product and offers extreme hardness, durability and a high gloss finish to keep your car looking brand new year after year.

  • Invisible protection – invisible paint protection film for those thinking should I get paint protection film on my new car. It works by creating an invisible barrier against the elements, by protecting against stone chips, scrapes and minor scratches.

  • Sirius car care products – a range of interior surface protection solutions to keep your car interior protected against different factors such as dust, grime and common food spills.

Get Expert Advice

Speak to your local Tint a Car store for no-obligation consultation. We can help identify the right paint or interior protection solutions to suit your lifestyle needs.

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