How to Reduce Electricity Usage

With the increasing cost of electricity, and you’re wondering how to reduce your electricity bills, consider solar film. With no changes to your existing usage style, learn how to reduce electricity consumption without even realising you’re doing it.

Learn How to Reduce Electricity Usage

With windows being the largest source of energy exchange in a home or office, our solar film helps create an effective barrier all year round. Due to over 50% of the cost of heating and cooling attributed to energy loss through windows, reducing this energy exchange leads to noticeable savings all year round.

Our solar film acts as a barrier for heat exchange. This means your home stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter – resulting in your heating and cooling systems having to not work as hard to maintain its set temperature.

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Get in Touch to See How to Reduce Home Electricity Bills

Get in touch for an obligation free measure and quote to install energy efficient solar films for your home. Being one of the most effective tricks to reduce electricity bills, solar film is an excellent investment that pays for itself over a very short timeframe.

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