How To Remove Car Window Tint

Professionals at Tint a Car suggest that you do not DIY, see why.

A good car window tint looks great and helps protect your car from heat, UV rays and break-ins. However, a cheap and poorly applied car window tint can be unsightly and dangerous. Over time, low quality window tint can bubble, streak or fade to blue or purple. This degrades the appearance of your vehicle, and can also make windows difficult to see through. As a result, many people find the need to remove a car window tint at some stage.


There are several methods people try at home to remove car window tints. The most common methods are using chemical substances such as ammonia, heat guns or steamers. Without the proper training and equipment though, it’s likely that you’ll end up with a sticky mess if you attempt to remove car window tint yourself. This could often result in making it even harder to remove car window tint, now that chemical substances have already damaged the tint film layer.

Our Team

The team of professional window tint specialists at Tint a Car have years of experience on how to remove car window tint, and can remove car window tints that have bubbled, streaked or faded quickly and cleanly, saving you a considerable amount of time and mess.

After removing your existing tint, we can apply a high quality tint to your car that will look great and continue to do so in the future. The tinting professionals at Tint-a-Car only use high performance window tints, so you can be confident that you won’t be needing another removal job when you get your tint with us. We also offer a limited Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on all of our tints, because we’re confident that our workmanship and our products can last the distance!

How To Remove Car Window Tint

Have the Tint Professionals remove your car tint!

Replacing Car Window Tint

Once we’ve cleared up your old car tint, we offer a wide range of options for a new tint that we guarantee won’t experience the same problems as your old tint. Our options for car window tints include:

  • Octane, the darkest legal tint available offering excellent UV, glare and heat protection.
  • Bolle, with leading optical clarity and a range of tint colour options.
  • Midnight Express, which darkens windows for a sleek look and reduces heat and glare by 50%.
  • Formula 1, designed to provide maximum sun protection, including SPF 50+ protection, and unbeatable heat and glare reduction.
  • Unbreakable window film, designed with security in mind as it is up to 7 times thicker than regular car window films to boost the strength of your glass.

Your Local Professionals

Speak to your local Tint a Car dealer for professional window tint removal services. And with our tint trade-in program, you could even receive a discount on your new tint job by having your old film removed by the professionals!

Find your nearest store and ask for a quote today!

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