How to Remove Window Tint

Whether you’re unhappy about your previous tint application, or you just want a change, there are so many do-it-yourself options online that can teach you how to remove a window tint.

Although it might sound tempting, the reality is that the outcome of any do-it-yourself project won’t compare to the quality of something that’s done by a specialist.

The Best Way to Remove Window Tint

At Tint a Car, we offer both application and removal services for tints and you can even ‘trade in your tint’ to us! Trading in your tint means that we will remove your previous, unwanted tint and replace it with a professional application of Tint a Car’s quality films.

How -to -remove -window -tint

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Professional Window Tint Removal Service

Removing a window tint isn’t an easy job, which is why our technicians have undergone complete training so they have all the knowledge and skills equipped for both window tint removal and application, to maintain the integrity of your windows.

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With over 50 years in the industry, our team at Tint a Car can answer all your questions regarding window tinting because with so many film options to choose from, you’re bound to need help deciding which one is right for you! Find your local store today, or call us on 13 TINT to get all your questions answered!

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