How To Tint Car Windows

Car Window Tinting Benefits

Car window tinting gives your car a sleek and modern look, but can also have other benefits that are often overlooked. Tinted car windows can help protect your car, its contents as well as you and your family by helping prevent harmful UV rays, solar heat and glare, making your car more comfortable and safer.

The additional layer applied to the glass of your windows during tinting also strengthens it, making your car less vulnerable to theft or window damage. If you know how to tint car windows and have the necessary equipment, it is possible to attempt window tinting by yourself. However, doing so is likely to lead to air bubbles or blisters in your tint, and fading of colours to blue or purple over time.

A good quality tint job requires considerable skill and experience, and high performance tint films to prevent deterioration over time. Overlooking these factors may result in an unsightly tint that could detract from the overall appearance of your car.

Long-Term Costs

In the long run, this could cost you more to remove and get it done properly than it would be getting a professional tint in the first place.

If you’re interested in tinting car windows, the experienced tinting professionals at Tint a Car can provide top quality tinting products and unbeatable service all at an extremely competitive price. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a limited Lifetime Nationwide Warranty, as we are confident in our workmanship and products.

We know you’ll appreciate the Tint a Car difference too once you see the finished product.

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Options To Tint Car Windows

We understand that different people are expecting to get different results from their car tinting. That’s why we offer wide range of tinting options, so you can choose the look and performance that’s right for you and your car. Our car window tinting products include:

  • Octane, which gives you the darkest possible legal window tint. It looks great, and also protects from UV rays, glare and heat.
  • Bolle, which is designed for optical clarity and low reflectivity. It’s available in a range of colours, so you can pick the perfect tint for your car.
  • Midnight Express, which provides dark windows and a sleek look, combined with excellent UV protection rating.
  • Formula 1, which is designed to give you maximum protection from the sun, with SPF50+ and glare reduction.
  • Unbreakable window film, which is up to 7 times thicker than most car window tints, so gives your windows a substantial strength boost.

To find out how we can help tint your car windows, book a free no-obligation quote now. Alternatively, contact a local Tint a Car store and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.

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