Install Window Tint

Thinking of DIY tinting your car? There are plenty of tint suppliers now encouraging their customers to purchase DIY tint kits, which claim to promote a hands-on approach for installing your own tint film.

While this may sound like an excellent, cost efficient way of obtaining a bit of experience in tinting for yourself, or even a fun project to try your hand at, it’s not something as straightforward as these tint installation kits are often advertised to be.

Most people who are inexperienced in the installation of window film won’t be able to obtain the finish they desire in their first attempt. While this may be due to numerous reasons, such as poor quality films and inexperience with film, the most common cause is the lack of specialised installation tools.

Install Window Tint

The result? Bubbled window tint or the tint film peeling back sooner. Save yourself from the mess with professional window tint installation.

With window tint options available for virtually any budget, we at Tint a Car guarantee to have a solution that would fit your lifestyle just right.

Speak to your local Tint a Car dealer for a comprehensive walkthrough of window tint film options, an obligation-free quote for professional tint installation and expert advice on picking the film right for you.

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