Privacy Glass Film

Privacy glass film is an excellent addition to your home, workplace or car’s security. Not only could it help improve the privacy of your spaces, but it could also provide added protection against prying eyes. And with our wide array of window film choices, you can even get creative while you’re at it!

Privacy -glass -film1

For example our range includes:

  • Decorative privacy glass film – window film with decorative colour shades, patterns and designs that could help spruce up your living spaces by adding a splash of colour.
  • Frosted film – glass privacy film that mimics the effect of sandblasted windows. This film could be further customised by cutting shapes or patterns for a more sophisticated look while still maintaining a high level of privacy protection.
Privacy -glass -film2

As you can see, if you’re after privacy window film, there are more choices than the more traditional darker shade of tint. Learn more about the range by getting in touch with your local Tint a Car store.

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