Remove Window Tint

Avoid sticky residue remains

Many online resources explain the process of how to remove window tint, but it is often not as easy as it seems. To ensure a clean, professional finish every time, we recommend the use of specialised tools and chemicals. Depending on the type of tint and the window, it is often best practice to hire professionals to safely and efficiently remove the window tint.

Given that most window tint consists of two layers bonded together, the removal process is difficult. Avoid the second layer sticking to your window, tearing off and flaking, or leaving a sticky residue behind by getting professionals to remove both layers in one go.

Avoid Bubbly Tint
Avoid bubbly window tint

Avoid damage to defrosters & radio antennas

A common concern for removing window tint from a rear car window is damage to defrosters and radio antennas. Provided that circuits are often built-in to the rear window, damage to these components could result in malfunctions. It should be noted that replacing the window and these components is often much more expensive than simply getting your window tint removed by the professionals at Tint a Car.

Contact Tint a Car to remove your window tint

At Tint a Car, we provide affordable window tint removal services. We guarantee a streak-free finish every time. Using a range of tools and chemicals, we are proficient at removing your old car window tint.

Speak to your local Tint a Car store for more information or to book an appointment.

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