Removing Old Window Tint

Removing old car window tint is something that should be done with the use of the right tools and cleaning agents, due to the nature of car window tint films. Most window films are made of two layers that are bonded to each other to form a single coating.

Dangers of DIY Window Tint Removal

Removing Old Window Tint - Bubbled

Attempting to peel off old window film often results in the topmost layer peeling off, leaving the sticky base layer on the window surface.

This second layer could be quite hard (and could often cost more) to remove on its own, which is why it’s important to remove the tint all at once, in one single piece.

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Our team of tint specialists are well versed in removing car window tint – and what’s more, we could even recycle your old tint and apply a fresh coat of film while you wait!

With a wide range of tint films available for you to choose from, replacing damaged window tints is easy – head in to your local Tint a Car dealer for an individual consultation and expert recommendations on re-tinting your car’s windows.

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