Product Information

UV Window Protection

While the benefits of reducing your body’s exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is not something new to most New Zealanders, not everyone is aware of the other benefits reducing this exposure could bring to your lifestyle and surroundings. For example, did you know that UV protective window film applied to your car or […]

Window Film

Most homes, offices, and commercial places use a lot of windows to bring in light and give the enclosed space a feeling of openness. However, this at times leads to loss of privacy, loss or gain of heat or other security problems that need to be guarded against. Window film can not only be applied […]

UV Shield Window Film

Installing ultraviolet window film is an excellent way of keeping you and your family safer from prolonged exposure to the harmful UV radiation from the sun. And what’s more, the UV blocking film also helps to protect your car’s interior surfaces from fading and discolouration, as it prevents ultraviolet rays entering through the windows.UV window […]

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